Deakin University

We have partnered with Deakin’s business school to help academics connect with customers and provide greater business value for their clients. Our extensive experience, domain specific expertise, and the capabilities and research of the faculty allows us to draw value from both academic and business insight, and bring innovators in both domains closer together.

Nuro Research

Nuro is a new kind of research company who use insights and techniques from the neurosciences to connect brand owners with customer thinking.

Nuro is all about insights from customers’ point of view. Using a combination of data collection and analysis techniques from the cognitive and affective neurosciences, Nuro collect insights that truly reflect thinking that drives customer decisions.

Nuro help brand owners understand their customers better with deeper and more reliable research insights than possible using traditional research techniques. Their advanced data analysis integrates customer responses across insight platforms to provide an unparalleled understanding of customer thinking that shapes interactions with their brands.

Prescience and Nuro’s relationship has enabled the creation of innovative new data collection methods, providing unique insights into implicit Brand Image, and a deeper understanding of customers’ attitudes and behaviours.

Cognition Research

“It’s all about people.. people are fascinating
That’s why we do what we do.”

People are smart, and not so smart, fun, bored, intrigued, sometimes grumpy often delighted, shy, zany, chatty, worried about their looks, ambitious, can have bad taste in clothes, be great cooks, defensive and courageous. The lucky ones get to be in love, some never do.

Cognition Research believe that consumers are not the rational agents historically portrayed in economics, but emotionally driven and frequently irrational. Understanding people’s deeper needs and motivations is key.

Cognition Research draw upon behavioural economics and current learning from cognitive psychology to guide our work.

Consumers are not always aware of the factors that influence their behaviour. Therefore Cognition Research delineates between research to understand ‘consumer behaviour’ and consumer’s attitudes and select our approach accordingly.

Cognition Research never forget that we are all people: the consumers we study, ourselves, our clients and this is the core of our business.

Cognition: a new breed of consumer intelligence company. Providing research services and consumer behaviour consultancy.

Social Research Centre

The ANU Centre for Social Research and Methods is a joint initiative of the Social Research Centre and the Australian National University (ANU). The Centre provides significant Australian capacity in undertaking research into applied social research and evaluation methods.

Sprout Research

Sprout are thought leaders in strategic human research who use game changing approaches and new technologies to contextualise the full human story. They specialise in Brand Growth, Customer Experience and Design Thinking led transformations. Prescience and Sprout’s relationship is one of long standing collaboration, utilising Prescience’s expertise in quantitative research and the shared knowledge and experience both companies posses.


Akquire are a team of experienced thinkers and creative problem solvers. They work with businesses to drive innovation, identify opportunities and design meaningful products and user experiences that grow brands and delight customers.